TeamLinkt Academy

Master the TeamLinkt League Managemement Platform with these quick courses.

Getting Started

We recommend starting here.  This course will help you set up the basics before you dive into other areas.

5 minutes

League Website

Build and customize your league website, include add-ons, a custom domain and more.

10 Minutes

Schedule, Scores & Standing

Manage schedule, enter scores (or have teams submit them) and adjust standings settings on your website.

12 Minutes


Setup online and offline registration, create custom fields, set restrictions, early bird fees and more.

15 minutes

Teams & Rosters

Add your teams and upload or assign rosters from registration.

12 Minutes

Schedule Builder

Set up double headers, add team restrictions, bye weeks, location blackouts and more.

12 Minutes

Do you need additional help?

Our League Specialists are here to assist with setup. 

You can chat with us through your account or book in a quick demo below.